Warming and holding waffles - They're back on the menu!

I think most everyone enjoys a well prepared waffle.  For me that would mean a waffle that is light and crispy on the outside but tender inside.  Even if you have a waffle iron it seems that people don't make them very often and I think I know why.  If you are a family of four, let's say, there's a lot of down time while one poor waffle iron is trying to keep up with everyone's appetite.  If you are five or more, well there's no way of ever hoping to keep up so the idea is completely shut down.  You may have tried making some ahead of time and keeping them warm in the oven, but most of us would set those cooked waffles on a baking sheet and you know what happens next.  As the warm waffles sit on the pan the steam builds up underneath and what was once a crispy outside is now a soggy bottom.  I don't like that.

The solution:  the idea of placing them in the oven is a good one but it's the pan that gets us in trouble.  So....preheat your oven to a very low heat...150-200...just so it's barely warm.  Get a jump start on your waffles and as they get done take them to the oven and set them directly on the oven racks.

The racks are open and breathable and will not allow any steam to build up.  One thought also...The ideal warming time is up to 10 or 15 minutes.  After 20 or 30 minutes in the oven, even on low heat, the waffles will begin to dry out and that's not great either.

Try the rack technique.  It's great tip and allows you to once again, enjoy a breakfast food that is a favorite for everyone.  BTW - The breakfast book has the best waffle recipe ever!

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