Storing and utilizing those extra egg whites and egg yolks

egg whites

Do you ever find yourself with extra egg whites or egg yolks?  When that happens and you don’t have an immediate use for them it helps to remember that they can both be frozen.  And here are two ways of doing that.

One way is to freeze them in a pint jar or a sour cream container.  This is a good method especially if you’re going to use a large amount in a recipe, like an angel food cake.  A recipe for angel food cake calls for 12 egg whites.  So designate a pint jar and put a label or some masking tape on the side.  Everytime you have extra whites add them to the jar and keep a running total on the label and keep the jar in the freezer.  When you reach twelve, you’ve got enough for a cake, which is about one pint.  Same goes for a 15-ounce plastic container; when it’s about full you have enough for one angel food cake.  One caution, though; leave a little headroom at the top of any glass jar.  If you fill the jar all the way to the brim with whites or any food, the jar will crack as the whites freeze and expand.  So be aware of that.

Another way to freeze whites is to do so individually.   And this is best done with the help of an ice cube tray.  As you get extra whites, freeze one white in each cube compartment.  When the whites are frozen, transfer them to an airtight bag or some other airtight container and make sure you label your container.  The advantage of freezing egg whites, individually, is that there’s no guesswork in trying to figure out how many to thaw.  You simply pull the number of cubes a recipe calls for.

For extra yolks I typically store them in a yellow margarine container and use them within a week by adding them to scrambled eggs, puddings, pie fillings, all kinds of baking items or recipes that call for smaller eggs.  Egg whites and yolks can be kept in the freezer for 6 months, which should give you plenty of time to find another use for them.

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