More bread pudding ideas - it never ends

Then I noticed that I had a banana that needed using.  You know that point where it's too ripe to eat fresh, too ripe to freeze for a smoothie (in my opinion) and I really didn't need more banana bread. So I took the banana and quartered it lengthwise and then chopped it spreading the pieces over the pudding.  This step is totally optional but it gives you an idea of what other fruits might be used

I am a succor for bread pudding.  I love it.  I think it all started by living in Brazil and eating it as a child.  If I can find an excuse to make and eat bread pudding I'll do it.


One time, I noticed there was a bag of store-bought dinner rolls in the freezer.  My husband must of purchased it while I was out of town.  I decided to turn the bag into bread pudding; something I'd enjoy a lot more than the rolls. 

But I wanted to make a variation to the pudding.  Here's what I did and it's something you might want to try. 

Take each roll and slice it in half. Lather one half with a generous amount of cream cheese. Spread the other side with a generous amount of raspberry jam. Press them together like a sandwich and then cut each roll into fourths or sixths, depending on their size.

Carefully lay them in a greased 7x11 pan or larger or smaller pan depending on how many you are using.  I think I had about 7 rolls.

Make a standard batch of  custard (that recipe can be found under "croissant bread pudding" and pour it over everything. If some of the pieces are poking out of the liquid gently press them down with your finger and submerge them once or twice.

I like to give the custard time to steep into the bread and so I covered it and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours (2 hours minimum or overnight).   All the liquid should absorb during that time but if you think there's too much simply pour off the excess and use it for french toast.

Then bake in a preheated 350 oven until done.  You can tell when bread pudding is done because it will puff around the edges and in the center. Serve it with a little cream and that's it.  I have to say this variation was a hit with the family.

Warning - when you bake bananas like that they will turn brown by the next day so if that doesn't bother you just enjoy it for days or if it does bother you they are easy enough to pick out.   BTW - leftovers are great for breakfast.

One more thing - another idea I have is to take rolls like that and spread them with peanut butter and honey or peanut butter and jelly or how about peanut butter and chocolate (like the croissant pudding).  Doesn't that sound wonderful!?!?  That will be the next one I try.












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