Finally a simple answer to poaching and frying eggs

Here's a tip I learned from my mother long ago. As we were making breakfast one morning she showed me a slick way to cook eggs.  It’s what I would call a combination of poaching and frying egg.  True frying can be tricky and poaching is a bit troublesome so this simplifies and blends the two methods.

What you do is simply take an aluminum pan or a non-stick pan and spray it lightly with a vegetable spray.  Also, make sure your pan has a lid that fits or a least round up a plate that you can use as a lid.

Turn the heat to medium and wait for the pan to warm up.  When it’s ready, crack your eggs on the heated surface.  And as soon as the eggs are cracked, sprinkle a few tablespoons of water along the edges of the pan.  Then right after the water is added, cover the pan and turn the heat down.  The water in the pan, actually steams the eggs and the results are a combination of frying and poaching.  You don’t have to turn the egg or mess with it at all because the steam from the water cooks the top just as poaching liquid would.

What’s really great about this method is that as the eggs are cooking you can lift the lid and see how done they are.  By touching the yolk with your finger you can determine how hard or soft the center is.  And watch out because it doesn’t take long for them to cook when the lid is on.  If you think the eggs need more water, just add a little more.

It’s a great technique.  You avoid the mess of poaching liquid, you hardly use any fat to cook them in and it’s easy to tell when they’re done.  Give it a try and see what you think.

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