Another something you can freeze...milk!

 My husband and I have a log home in a rather remote part of Idaho.  Whenever we head over there we always bring supplies with us and I'm constantly freezing things to minimize waste. I remember one time when we gathered with family.  We had each brought along a gallon of milk and at the end of the week had a surplus. No one wanted to cart it back home and I couldn't bear the thought of throwing it down the sink so I took a few of those partially used containers and threw them in the freezer not really knowing what would happen.  I figured if sherbet and whipping cream could be frozen, you could probably freeze milk.

And indeed you can!  When we returned in a subsequent trip I pulled one of the containers and set it out on the counter for most of the day.  As it began to thaw I would periodically grab the handle and give it a good shake to help further breakdown the milk crystals. 

I set the container back in the fridge overnight and by morning the milk was itself again and fine for breakfast.  Since then I make it a habit to freeze any leftover milk.  This is also a good thing to do if you have milk that is reaching the expiration date and which you know you won't get to in time. 

Just a couple of pointers when it comes to freezing milk.  I would suggest not freezing full containers.  When milk or anything freezes it expands and could rupture the container. 

Secondly, when the container isn't completely full it allows room for the crystals to move around when you give it that occassional shake and that is helpful. The milk turns out beautifully and it will be the coldest milk you ever drink!


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