Caramelized fruit pancakes with cinnamon-sugar and oats (as good as they sound!)

Here’s what I think is a most innovative way of preparing pancakes.  At the restaurant these were a signature item for our Saturday brunch.

This technique for making pancakes produces a light, fluffy cake that has a sweet fruity caramelized crust on one side.  Let’s walk through the procedure and ingredients.  You’ll need a few teaspoons of cinnamon-sugar (1/4 cup sugar to 2 teaspoons cinnamon), some rolled oats (the quick cooking kind), a fruit of your choice and a batch a buttermilk pancake batter.

Prepare your batter and spoon it onto the hot griddle as you would normally.  As soon as the batter is down and cooking on the first side dot it with some small pieces of chopped fruit, fresh, frozen or canned.  You can use apples, pears, peaches, pineapple, all kinds of berries.  Dot enough fruit over the batter so you get a piece in every bite.  Then sprinkle some rolled oats over the fruit (about a tablespoon per cake) and finally sprinkle a generous amount of cinnamon-sugar over the fruit and oats.  You need to use a lot to develop the caramelized crust we are after.

When the pancake is cooked on the first side, flip it over and cook the second side which is the side with the fruit, oats and sugar.  Let it cook long enough, on the second side, so that the sugar begins to melt and form a sweet crust.  It takes longer than usual and the underside of the pancake will develop spots that are a deep golden color.  When the pancakes are done take them to the table and serve them with your favorite syrup.  They are out of this world and featured in the breakfast edition!

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